Monday, October 15, 2007

Takaki Chapter 7

Since Takaki doesn't really use the term Manifest Destiny in previous chapters I thought it might be interesting to focus on what Manifest Destiny was, tie it to some of the materials from the previous chapters and the beliefs brought to America by the British and then focus on how Manifest Destiny had an impact on the native peoples of the United States. I would start by showing the image American Progress by George Crofutt (originally painted by John Gast) and ask what the students see focusing on the details found in the image and what the image is supposed to represent. I might use some of the material found on the PBS website on Manifest Destiny to help inform me and to guide the conversation. I would also want to tie this discussion to the chapter and ask the students if they think the actions of the Bear Flag group and the Texas settlers were based on Manifest Destiny or something else.

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