Sunday, September 16, 2007

Learning Styles Entry 2

Sunday afternoon and evening reading between football games (Ravens win a nail-bitter while Cleveland and Cincinnati exchanged their footballs for basketballs for what must be one of the highest scoring games ever). My spouse (who is from the Cleveland suburbs) noted that in the old days if the Cleveland Cavilers scored 51 points there would be celebrations throughout the city (not so now that Lebron had come to town).

I am finding myself starting to use some of my old skills again. As I was reading this afternoon I found myself thinking of SQ3R and starting to apply some of the steps again. It really helps me focus on what I am reading. I also with the Stiggins book did use the pen to highlight some important points and note questions that I wanted to be able to answer when I was reading.

Takaki is a bit different for me. I am still reading it more like a novel and less like a text book. I find myself using a lot of previous knowledge and relating it to what I am reading and also thinking about some things that I am seeing for the first time as I complete my reading. I am also still finding some things that push buttons for me but I am less frustrated this week than I was after reading chapter one.

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